Junior League Coaches
Application form for the STHF Fall Junior League. Please read the responsibilities of coaches and staff listed below.

*Coaches and commissioners will need to wear masks at all times
*Coaches will be required to monitor players for social distancing and sanitizing
*Coaches will be in charge of team uniform distribution, care and collection
*Coaches will need to communicate league information with their team
*Coaches will be required to arrive 20 minutes before game time And must supervise set up and take down of court*Coaches will need respect in sport and concussion protocol training
*Coaches will monitor players for health using a wellness checklist
*Commissioner and/or officials will be responsible for sanitization of equipment At half and the end of game
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What is your Respect in Sport #? (if you do not have this, please indicate) *
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Do you have any other certifications? eg:First Aid, NCCP, Handball specific?
How many years have you coached in this league? *
You understand that for this year, based on Public Health restrictions on numbers, you may be coaching this team by yourself. *
I understand that by volunteering to coach in the junior league, I have agreed to be available on Friday and Sunday evenings for Sept-Nov and that I will adhere to all Concussion Protocol, Respect in Sport and STHF Return to Play conduct rules listed at the top of the form. *
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