Student Survey
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1. How many years have you attended the Lamphere School District?
2. These are the classes in which I am doing well:
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3. These are the classes that are hard for me:
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4. School has always been hard for me:
5. Have you ever had failing grades in middle school?
6. Please check any items below that you feel are getting in your way of doing well at school:
7. What do you feel is bringing your grades down the most? Choose one:
8. I know how to get on Student Connect
9. I have logged on to Student Connect this semester.
10. Do your parents check Parent Connect
11. Are your parents concerned about your grades?
12. I have access to a computer at home.
13. Have you ever met with your teachers for extra help before or after school?
14. Have you ever attended NHS tutoring?
15. Are you able to get to LHS before or after school for help?
16. I feel connected to at least one adult at school.
16a. If the answer to question 16 is Yes please list name:
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17. I feel my teachers want me to succeed.
18. I have plans to continue my education after high school.
19. I’d like to do better at school.
20. Some things I can think of that I can do to improve my grades are:
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