Business Impact of COVID-19 on Southeast Georgia
COVID-19 is presenting personal and professional uncertainties never before seen. Things are changing on an hour to hour, day to day basis. To help support you in a full recovery and to determine what is most needed at a local and regional level, your area economic development agencies have partnered to distribute this survey. Our interest is in serving you, so we will follow up with additional resources and personal outreach if requested.

As a decision maker in your organization, we would very much appreciate your response. It will take less than 10 minutes to complete the survey. Your responses are absolutely confidential. Responses will only be reported in aggregate.

The results will be used to inform local and state elected officials, government agencies, and other partners.

Thank you for your support -

Effingham County Industrial Development Authority

What is your current operating capacity?
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If you're operational, at what percentage is your facility operating?
0% Closed
100% Fully Operational
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If closed, provide date of closure:
Are you able to receive supplies/services? Y/N If yes, what percentage?
Are you able to ship/deliver goods or services? Y/N If yes, what percentage?
What is your current full-time employee count?
What is your current part-time employee count?
What portion of your workforce is working remotely?
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Has your employee count expanded or contracted DUE to COVID-19 specifically?
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If your head count has contracted, due to COVID-19, how many employees have been furloughed, laid off, or terminated? Please specify.
For any furloughed employees, what percentage will be paid during the work hiatus?
0% (None Paid)
100% (Furloughed Employees Paid)
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If paid, for how many weeks?
Is the organization providing any temporary aid to UNPAID employees during furlough?
Besides personal health & well-being, what is your greatest concern for employees during this state of emergency?
Please estimate your organization's weekly revenue change experienced as a result of COVID-19.
10% - 20%
21% - 30%
31% - 40%
41% - 50%
51% - 60%
61% - 70%
71% - 80%
81% - 90%
91% - 100%
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How many weeks of a business slow down or shutdown would you estimate your business could survive before closing?
Do you have standing lines of credit or other financial backing to help bridge this business interruption?
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What are your top three concerns looking forward?
Do you anticipate any permanent reductions in your workforce?
21% - 40%
41% - 60%
61% - 80%
81% - 100%
Next 3 months
Next 6 months
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What measures or 'best practices', if any, have you adopted to address impacts to your business from the COVID-19 outbreak?
Are there products or services you are offering to support the community related to COVID-19 impacts that we can share?
What can the Development Authority do to assist you?
What is your primary industry? *
Your name and title:
Preferred contact information: Email or Phone #
Business Name:
Business Zip Code:
Would you like to be contacted to discuss local or state resources for business? In the weeks and months ahead, your community's economic development authority will focus on what local industry needs, especially as it relates to technical assistance, employee resources, sharing of employer best practices, and partner referrals. We are your ally and here to support our industry partners as you move forward. (If you opt-in, please make sure you have provided relevant contact information.) *
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