Village Micro Fund 2018 Spring Cohort Application

Thanks for applying to the Village Micro Fund Spring 2018 Small Business Cohort! The cohort is a 15 week, two class a week intensive program designed to help you either take the next step to get your business off the ground or help your small business grow.

Here's what we're looking for:

Idea Stage Businesses - For us, this means you done a lot of thinking and dreaming about what you want your business to be and what you want to sell or offer but you haven't launched!

Early Stage Businesses - For us, this could be any where from you've launched your business but your still working a full time job (and you want to be a full time entrepreneur) all the way to you've launched your business and you have employees. Them main goal is that you want to grow!

Potential Partnership Businesses - This could be either of the two stages above but you are specifically looking to partner with another business that offers a similar product or service. We are saving spots in the program for businesses that are looking to join forces with a "competitor" in order to grow and become more profitable.

If you do not fit into one of those categories but you still want to figure out how you can get some help shoot us a note if we can't help we've got a ton of partner organizations that have programs better fit for you.

A little more:
Over the last 3 years we've worked with over 100 businesses in Metro Atlanta and engaged thousands through skills based volunteering, cooperative investing, mission aligned events and interactive sessions with the entrepreneurs in our programs.

Our cohorts are fun filled sessions that take nontraditional looks at teaching business fundamentals with community immersion at heart. We have lots of students, current and future customers, community members, partner organization employees and professors involved in the classes to make sure you understand all the different moving pieces of your business.

Thanks for applying if you have any problems or questions please go over to and send us an email!

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