Organizational Equity Practice Intake
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Please summarize the mission and work of your organization
What communities/groups do you serve?
Please share any partners you have been working with to support your efforts related to racial equity, restorative justice, and trauma inclusive practices:
Select from the list below the type of training or engagement requested. Please take the above recommended guidelines into account when selecting the type of training requested:
If any, what was the preceding incident that led to this request?
Has your organization experienced any recent major changes? If so, please explain. (e.g. leadership transitions, turnover, etc.)
Have you worked with Trinity before? If so in what capacity?
Organizational Overview
What category best describes your organization?
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What is the size of your organization?
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How many employees will be participating in this engagement?
If any, what existing racial equity, trauma inclusive, or restorative work is taking place at your organization?
Organizational Structure
Please describe your organizational structure. For example, do you have a leadership team?  
How would you describe the diversity of the staff? This can apply to diversity of race, ethnicity, gender, age, sexual identity, etc.
How would you describe the quality of relationships across your organization?
How often does your organization have all staff gatherings?
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What days do all staff gatherings typically occur?
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Planning and Budgeting
What specific knowledge and/or skills are you interested in acquiring through this engagement? (e.g. more self-awareness around white privilege, how to support staff of color, how to step back etc.) How will the acquired knowledge or skill help improve your organization’s performance?
Who is your audience for this training? Front line/direct service/executive staff/board/management members?
Will anyone from your organization’s leadership participate in the engagement training? If yes, please specify their level of involvement. If not, please share how participants will be supported by leadership to utilize the learning following engagement training completion:
What are your preferred dates/times for training/engagement?
How many people will attend the training/engagement?
Are there any special needs (hearing, vision, mobility, interpretation etc.) for this training/engagement?
When does your fiscal year start?
When do you start budgeting your fiscal year?
What is your organization's annual budget?
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What budget does your organization currently have available to support work related to racial equity, restorative justice and trauma inclusion?
Do you give us permission to share in our newsletter and other materials that your organization is a client of our practice?
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