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What are your views on allowing safe standing places for fans to watch matches at football grounds?
What do you think should be done to help reduce the levels of domestic violence in the UK?
What more do you think can be done to reduce modern slavery in the UK?
I recently joined the Home Affairs Select Committee which scrutinises the performance of the Home Office. What do you feel the Home Office is doing well and badly at the moment?
I form part of the Labour Party's shadow health team in Parliament. What do you think is working well or badly in our health service currently? Feel free to share past experiences here.
What issues relating to crime do you think need tackling in Nottingham North?
Have you experienced issues to do with anti-social behaviour in Nottingham North?
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What do you think needs to be done to help address anti-social behaviour?
Have you ever encountered any issues relating to housing?
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What do you think could be done in Nottingham North to help solve the housing crisis?
Rebalancing the Outer Estates Foundation
I currently Chair the Rebalancing the Outer Estates Foundation which seeks to improve the lives of communities across Nottingham North by addressing: health and well-being, employment, skills and enterprise, arts and creativity in the community. The next set of questions asks for your views on projects I'm currently working on with this charity.
What sorts of projects would you like to see us run locally?
What do you think we can do to encourage parents to supervise their children when brushing their teeth to promote good oral health?
Voluntary, community and social enterprise organisations were recently able to apply for the Health and Wellbeing Fund on social prescribing which seeks to help elderly people access more new opportunities. What are your views on this?
Do you think it is effective for us to run community clinics to encourage lung scanning?
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