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Community radio welcomes your involvement! Today you can participate after filling in this form in meaningful ways without any response from KOWA's core. You can talk about KOWA with your friends. You can interact with the shows that you like, you can write to us about the shows you dislike. You can donate to the station with money, equipment or cookies! You can mention to our underwriters a thank you for their support. You can take what you learned from listening and apply it to this community and the betterment of your life and those of the people around you. You can do so much because you have influence and you care in your community and your voice matters! Thank you!
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Media Island is the nonprofit that hosts KOWA and is mission oriented. Here is the mission, how do you feel you relate to the mission?
Media Island International (MII) is a resource and networking center for individuals, organizations and movements working on social justice, economic democracy, ecological sustainability and peace. We gather, evaluate and distribute under-published information on critical issues at strategic times.
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