Adult Gym Equipment Survey
The adult gym equipment located in the play park on the recreation ground is in need of work.

There are currently two issues that need to be dealt with:
1. the equipment is in need of servicing/repairs/replacement,
2. the equipment is located within the boundary of the children's play equipment and according to guidelines, it should be separated.

Before undertaking any work, the Parish Council would like to better understand if, how and when the equipment is used. All comments and suggestions are welcomed.

The closing date is 11-November 2019 and results will be discussed at the Parish Council meeting on 14-November.

The survey can be answered anonymously but you can leave your name and contact details in the comment question if you would like the council to get back to you.

Date: 2019-10-13
How often do you use the adult equipment?
Are you concerned about children playing on the adult equipment?
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If the adult equipment is relocated away from the children's area, where should it go?
Is there any adult equipment that you would rather have?
Please provide links to examples if possible.
Your answer
Any other comments on the adult equipment?
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