Questionnaire Safe and Adequate Return, Fair Treatment and Early Identification of Victims of Trafficking
This questionnaire is sent to you within the framework of the EU funded (AMIF) project Safe and Adequate Return, Fair Treatment and Early Identification of Victims of Trafficking (SAFE!). The project aims to develop and implement strategies and an international training programme related to the early identification and protection and safe return and sustainable re-integration of victims of trafficking.

The Safe! Project is a consortium of NGO’s, GO’s and IGO’s in the Netherlands, Hungary, Bulgaria and Macedonia that are specialized in the issue of trafficking, with HVO Querido, the largest shelter for victims of trafficking in the Netherlands, as the project coordinator. The other project partners are Foundation Humanitas (shelter organization), CoMensha (coordination centre THB), FairWork, La Strada International, IOM and the National Police in the Netherlands; IOM and the National Police in Hungary; Animus Association, IOM and the National Commission for Combating THB in Bulgaria; and Open Gate|La Strada Macedonia. The Safe! Project has started on 1 January 2017 and will end on 31 December 2018.

This questionnaire aims to collect input from NGO's, GO's and IGO's about trends, bottlenecks, needs and best practices related to (early) identification and protection as well as safe return and reintegration of trafficked persons, in particular in the context of the current refugee and migration flows within the European Union.

The results of the questionnaire will provide input for strategies and the planned training programme. Based on this questionnaire a research paper will be developed, which will be shared with all recipients who indicated to want more information.

We would like to invite you to provide your input by filling in the questionnaire, which will take 20 minutes. You can fill in the questionnaire anonymously. If you cannot answer a specific open question, you can respond with 'not applicable'.

Please fill in this questionnaire at the latest by 11 May 2017
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