CFC Farewell Service - Spring 2019
Hello! :)

Please sign up if you are either leaving campus or graduating so that we can keep you in our prayers and also if you would like to share God's faithfulness in your years here in Champaign - Urbana!


April 7th - Video Participation
April 14th - Everyone Else

FAREWELL SERVICE will be on April 26th @ Vineyard Church @ 7pm

If you have any questions please contact Chris Joung at

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You will be walking down during the service and will be acknowledged on stage with a presenter (of your choosing) to present a gift to you as you depart campus. (Details regarding walking and your presenter will be sent out later via email)
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If you would like to participate in the Farewell Video, please fill out the excel form below. The date for recording will be April 22nd.
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