Akira Kurosawa Film Club Survey
Please fill this form if you would like to participate in the Akira Kurosawa Online Film Club at akirakurosawa.info, starting sometime in late 2018. Responses will give me an idea of how many people are interested and what sort of a film club they would like to take part in.

If you don't know what the Akira Kurosawa Online Film Club is, see the announcement post here: http://akirakurosawa.info/2018/10/09/join-the-akira-kurosawa-film-club/

Please be honest and realistic with your answers. While answering doesn't obligate you to actually participate in the film club, please do not answer if you know you won't be able to participate.

This survey will be open until the 21st of October. Please share it with people who you think might also be interested in participating in the film club. /Vili

What to watch
How interested would you be in watching following types of films?
Not interested, or unable to watch
Somewhat interested
Very interested
These must be included!
Films by Akira Kurosawa
Films made from Kurosawa's screenplays by other directors
Remakes of Kurosawa's films
Films directly influenced by Kurosawa's works
Films that Kurosawa praised
Films by Kurosawa's Japanese contemporaries (e.g. Ozu, Mizoguchi, Naruse, etc.)
Other classic Japanese films
New/current Japanese films
Films by Kurosawa's contemporary international peers (e.g. Bergman, Tarkovsky, Fellini, Kubrick, etc.)
Current art/independent/auteur films in cinemas or streaming services
Current popular/blockbuster films (action, adventure, superheroes, etc.) in cinemas or streaming services
Documentaries about Kurosawa and related topics
Video essays and lectures related to Kurosawa's works (on YouTube, etc.)
From Kurosawa's films, how interested would you be (relatively speaking) in watching and discussing the following films?
You may well be interested in all of Kurosawa's films. But try to rank these relative to each other so that I know what you would be most interested in.
No interest at all, or can't watch
Relatively little interest
Average amount of interest
Relatively much interest
Most interest
His most famous works (Seven Samurai, Ikiru, Rashomon, Ran, etc.)
His least known works (The Most Beautiful, No Regrets for Our Youth, Song of the Horse, etc.)
His early wartime works (from Sanshiro Sugata to The Men Who Tread On The Tiger's Tail)
His immediate post-war works (from No Regrets from Our Youth to The Idiot)
His late-career works (from Dreams to Madadayo)
His period dramas and samurai films (jidaigeki and chambara)
His films in modern settings (gendai-geki)
Are there any specific films that you would want us to watch and discuss, by Kurosawa or other directors?
Thanks for any suggestions!
Your answer
Are there any wider topics that you would like us to cover?
Any thoughts are very valuable. In previous years, we have often scheduled several films in a row that tackle the same topic or are in some other ways related to each other.
Your answer
Practical stuff
For you personally, how important would the following aspects of the film club be?
Not at all important
Somewhat important
Quite important
Very important
Watching films new to me
Learning new things
Feeling that one film leads to the next in terms of topic or chronology
Sharing my thoughts with other people in a friendly atmosphere
Reading other people's thoughts and responses
Reading serious, almost academic discussion
Participating in serious, almost academic discussion
How often would you like the film club to introduce new films?
Please be realistic about how much time you have to watch and discuss films.
How much time do you think you could devote to film club discussions?
This is in addition to the time you spend actually watching the films. Try to be realistic.
Which of the following streaming services do you use or would be willing and able to use?
Which of the following do you have access to?
How much would you be willing to spend per year on films (Blu-rays, DVDs, digital rentals, etc.)?
Be very honest and realistic here. This can have a big influence on how we plan the schedule.
What country do you (primarily) live in?
This helps me to identify the availability of films on digital services and physical releases for all interested participants, since catalogues differ from country to country.
Which of the following languages do you understand?
Just like your country, this may give me ideas about what sort of content to introduce. Please note that our discussion is in English.
How would you like to be notified about new films, discussion topics and other updates?
You can choose multiple answers.
Your email address (totally optional!)
If you would like to be notified by email, you can already leave your email address here and I'll add you to a mailing list.
Your answer
A couple of questions about your interest (or lack of interest, that's fine too) in engaging with Kurosawa studies and other related writings.
Which of the following Kurosawa books do you own or have access to?
How interested would you be in reading and discussing the following types of publications as part of the film club schedule?
Not at all interested
Somewhat interested
Very interested
These must be included!
Books about Akira Kurosawa
Books about other directors and films
Academic articles about Kurosawa's films
Academic articles about other related subjects
Books that Kurosawa used as source materials (e.g. Akutagawa, Shakespeare, Dostoevsky, Gorky, McBain, Hammett, "Dersu Uzala", etc.)
Blog posts about the films that we discuss
Novels that were influenced by Kurosawa's works
Other stuff
How long have you known about akirakurosawa.info?
Any feedback?
If you have any thoughts or ideas that you would like to share, I'd love to hear them!
Your answer
Thanks so much for taking the time and effort! Much appreciated!
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