Post Production Equipment and Facilities Use Contract
Last Updated: August 30th, 2021

I. COVID-19 Safety Policies

- Masks are required in the post facilities.
- Hands must be washed or sanitized before entering and leaving the facilities.
- Social Distancing guidelines must be adhered to at all times.
- No food or drink is permitted in the facilities.
- Any student in violation will be asked to leave immediately and may be subject to disciplinary action.

II. Reservations

- All reservations must be made 12 hours in advance on the WebCheckout Patron Portal:
- No walk-ins will be allowed. No exceptions.
- All workstations can be reserved for up to 4 hours and reservations can be made up to 2 weeks in advance.
- Students are not allowed to book back-to-back reservations.
- If not checked in within 15 minutes of your scheduled appointment, your reservation will expire. We will note those who persistently do not honor their reservations. Please call the respective annex (phone numbers are listed below) to cancel your reservation.
- Please notify staff when you are finished with your workstation.
- Use of Mix A & B requires faculty permission & reservations must be made with a Post Manager.
- Please adhere to posted room capacities.

III. Respect the facilities, employees, and other users.

- Do not unplug cables or make any changes to our hardware or software in the Post facilities. Get assistance from staff if you believe this is necessary.
- Post Production equipment is only for use inside the Post facilities. Checkouts should not leave the Ansin building. No overnight checkouts.
- No feet up on chairs or tables.
- No removal of chairs from assigned spaces to other rooms.
- Lab Assistants are trained to provide technical support - call the annex number or visit for assistance.
- Staff should be treated with respect at all times.
- Keep noise to a minimum if you are sharing a lab outside of class time. Wear headphones for all audio work in the open labs.
- Please alert staff immediately if something is broken or otherwise in need of attention, cleaning, or repair.

IV. All students are required to leave the labs 15 minutes before any scheduled class in order to allow a smooth transition for the incoming class.

V. Theft happens. Please protect your personal property. MTP Post is not responsible for lost items.

VI. All users are required to provide their own media storage. MTP Post is not responsible for lost, deleted or corrupted data.

***Please note - lab and suite computers are wiped every night***

VII. Post Production Facilities Access Priorities:

7th Floor Classrooms - Enrolled VMA Audio Students
6th and 8th Floor Digital Suites – Enrolled VMA Students
5th and 8th Floor Steenbeck Suites – Enrolled VMA Film Students
3rd Floor Emerging Media Lab and Suites - Enrolled VMA Game Design, Animation, and 360 Video students

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