Subject: Maths - Grade 2
Time allowance: 30 minutes
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I am a two-digit number. I have a one in the ones place. I am greater than 81. What number am I? *
Use the digits 0, 5, 9 to form the biggest 3 - digit number *
How many circles in the sixth figure? *
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How many tens and ones are there? *
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Anna started work at 10:00 a.m. It took her 3 hours to do her work. What time did Anna finish her work? *
Write the missing numbers in the blank: 100 more than _________ is 489. *
6 doughnuts were sold for $3. Sally bought 18 doughnuts. How much did she pay? *
A party planner needs 56 red and blue balloons for a party. She already has 32 red balloons. The leftover balloons will be blue.How many blue balloons does she need? *
Two years ago the sum of Amy’s and Bob’s ages was 8. What will the sum of their ages be after 5 years from now? *
Who caught the fish ? *
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