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Nominate a Saint
Have you ever encountered a local saint? We're not talking about our bartenders here. (Although, they are saintly in their own way.) Do you know a local personality, hero, character, inspiration, or just all around swell folk? Use the form below to nominate your favorite local saint to be part of the next Art Wall installation in the FSBC Tasting Room with special guest portrait artist, Mark Stephenson! Similar to the image below, Mark will create four portraits of the selected "Asheboro Saints". (Check out more of his fine art here: ) The finished art works will be on display for three months (August -- October) in the Four Saints Tasting Room. Nominations are due by Wednesday, June 22 at 5 p.m. Winners will be notified by Wednesday, June 29 to arrange the details including a free two hour portrait sitting with Mark in the FSBC Tasting Room. For more information email FSBC Art Wall Project Manager Les Caison III at .
Great Beer for Great People...on the Art Wall
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Reason for Nomination: Why is this local so special? Please write (approximately) one paragraph explaining why this person deserves some recognition. Extra points may or may not be given for fancy thesaurus-ed words. Persuade us here.
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