Building Futures Airdrie Application 2021/2022
The Building Futures program - in partnership with McKee Homes - is open to all learners. Learners who have experienced the greatest success in this program typically demonstrate a number of common attitudes and behaviors prior to entering the program. These traits include (but are not limited to) self-motivation, engaged citizenship, and innate curiosity. Applicants are asked to answer the following questions to aid in the selection process. Students selected for an interview will be contacted by email.

Beginning in the 2021/2022 year we are moving to 2 separate sections of building futures! Section 1 focuses on the primary stages of construction up to rough-ins, and includes exposure to multiple trades, with an attention to safety. Section 2 focuses on finishes, design, decorating, marketing, and sales in the home construction industry.

NEW: For the first time ever we are accepting applications from grade 10 students who are entering grade 11! Applications are NOW open to current Rocky View Grade 9 students AND will be available to students currently in grade 10 beginning on May 19th! Bussing is available for students from Bert Church, George McDougall, WG Murdoch, and WH Croxford.


If you have any questions please email Coleman Massey at and/or Laura Burt at
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