Sleepy Peach Survey
Please fill out this survey to the best of your abilities and earn a 15% off coupon towards our store! One random entry will also receive a $200 gift card. Estimated length: 10-15 minutes. Coupon expires 12/14/24.

I (Eric) will spend many days reading every single response and categorizing the things you like and don't like. I will use these surveys for feedback on future designs and Sleepy Peach in general.

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How many Sleepy Peach items do you own (excluding accessories/freebies)? If you don't remember, give a rough estimate!
In a single sentence, how would you describe Sleepy Peach to a friend?
Which of these Sleepy Peach categories is your FAVORITE? *
Please view our "2023 Line" product page. Which PATTERN is your FAVORITE? Why is it your favorite pattern? Please include 2-3 sentences. *
Please view our "2023 Line" product page. Which PATTERN is your LEAST FAVORITE? Why? Please include 2-3 sentences (you won't hurt my feelings)!
Which Sleepy Peach vibe is your favorite? You can select more than one box, but try to limit to your absolute favorite. There are a few examples in each category.
What, if anything, do we do better than other clothing brands?
OPTIONAL: How do you feel about our social media?
OPTIONAL: If you could change one thing about Sleepy Peach, what would you change?
OPTIONAL: Is there a design/pattern you'd love to see us tackle? If so, what is that design?
OPTIONAL: Are there any clothing items or accessories you'd like to see added to our store? If so, what kinds?
OPTIONAL: Was there something cool we did this year? If so, what was it?
OPTIONAL: In your opinion, what is the best clothing item we've ever created (spanning all five years)?
OPTIONAL: Is there anything else you want to say directly to us? If you'd like a response, leave your email here as well!
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