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This is the best place on the PlanNet!  SAVE THIS INFORMATION AS A REFERENCE!  It will save to your email once you complete the questions. Also, make sure that you are logged in to Plannet and Inteletravel back offices in order to view the links. Ready? Set? Let's GO!

CONGRATULATIONS  on joining PlanNet Marketing and welcome to the team! You have made a life- changing decision that will impact your financial destiny for generations to come and also allow you to see the world in ways you didn’t think possible! Because our leadership team is committed to your success, we have established a proven system to aid in helping you achieve your overall goals. Your plan for success can be realized in 3 simple steps:

Step 1. RELAX, ENJOY AND HAVE FUN! Once you have completed the first step of signing up as a PlanNet Rep and then completed the final sign up as an ITA (Independent Travel Agent), you must do the following: Close your eyes, take a deep breath, and slowly exhale.

Step 2. Connect to your Inteletravel business! Locate your “Welcome” email from Inteletravel.com. Keep this in a secure place in your office as it has sensitive agency information on it that is ONLY FOR YOU. The industry numbers in the email are not to be shared with the public, or your clients, but only with vendors as you book travel.

Step 3. Complete your Quick Start Guide located in your Inteletravel back office!  

Join these Facebook Groups/Pages and turn on your notifications. Don't miss training OR events!:

https://www.facebook.com/plannetmarketing PLANNET MARKETING
https://www.facebook.com/groups/InternationalITAunite INTELETRAVEL SUPORT GROUP
https://www.facebook.com/groups/livingtotravel  OUR COMMUNICATIONS GROUP

The groups are available depending on your goals.

Here is that memory Jogger! It has instructions of on how to use it AND it's purpose of use.

Please answer the questions below. They are being asked because it will help us help you so be as detailed as possible. We appreciate your willingness to learn!
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In your PlanNet Marketing Virtual Office, they provide you with a video to get started in your business.

Click here or copy the URL below to get there faster! (you must be logged in)

In your INTELETRAVEL  EMAIL, they provide you with a video to get started in your business. In your INTELETRAVEL BACK OFFICE, you will have a mandatory compliance training to take in order for you to activate your booking privileges. I also recommend you do the DREAM MAKER training at a later date. It is fun! Remember the World is your classroom!

Click here or copy the URL below to get to the mandatory training  there faster! (You must be logged in)
* Velecia Williams is a 3 Star Director with PlanNet Marketing. 
* She has well over 1000 business partners within her organization. 
* She's number 125 out of 97,000 agents in the company. 
* She is a wife, a mother, a best selling author and Real Estate Professional by day. 
* She helps trains and coaches people in this amazing travel business at night  
* She loves to have fun and has a passion for helping other succeed. 

With Love and longevity,

Velecia L Williams
ofc - 803.262.1401 option 3
cell - 404.509.1401
text blast - 803.991.4488


@velecialwiilliams on social media
www.Facebook.com/velecialynettewilliams (personal page) You have to become my friend to be added to the groups

Hazel Truesdell, is a 1 star Director with PlanNet Marketing meaning she’s helped over 100 families in this amazing opportunity. She is a wife, mother of 7, and worked in finance as accountant for over 15yrs. Hazel loves to help people. She believes in people over profit and is very excited to help you be successful in this amazing opportunity.

@hazeltruesdell on social media

Rachael Young is a hybrid in the travel business. She builds & books travel.
• She's a Wife, a Mother •Traditional business owner •In top 1% of income earners •Works this business part time but makes full time income • Master Ambassador, certified by our host agency to train • Loves having fun • Loves helping people • Knows the 100% of the facts

@raesreality1 on social media
Training Videos are also located in your PlanNet Marketing Virtual Office and Inteletravel Back Office for your self paced convivence. But just because you have watched all of the videos, DOES NOT make you an expert. Continue to utilize your Directors.

Click this link to get there quickly: PlanNet https://www.plannetmarketing.com/en-us/Virtual-Office/Getting-Started

Recommended first:
Ann Jones - Getting Started 3 Step System
Don Bradley - Understanding The Marketing Compensation - Learn your money!

Next recommendation - THE PS3 SYSTEM
How Do I Pique Interest?
Show The Plan Basic Training
The 3 Way Call

Inteletravel-Do The Right Thing: Marketing Compliance (it's on page two of the first column) MUST WATCH! You can not get any travel access until you complete this. It take 30 minutes, but go at your own pace.   https://www.inteletravel.com/backoffice/education-inteletraveluniversity.cfm

Stay connected! Stay Excited! Get others involved! Never miss an event that you are qualified to attend. If your light are on, YOU ARE QUALIFIED!!!

PlanNet Marketing Calendar of events and calls that you miss.

Inteletravel Calendar - Located in the Inteletravel back office. Scroll to the bottom of the page for the calendar of events


Zoom link:

Get prepared for the biggest event of the year. The goal is to take home as many awards as possible and to have as many business partners there as possible. This will ignite your business!

BUY YOUR TICKETS HERE (You must be logged into your back office)

Talk to EVERYONE about your new business. DO NOT tell them about it. Just mention it. I will do the rest. That is what a 3-way call is for. But make sure that you have showed them SOMETHING about the business FIRST! A 3way call is mostly for answering questions!!!! You can't answer them because YOU are new to the game. Above my picture is how you introduce me on a 3way call. Advise them that you are new to the business and I know 110% of the facts. PIQUE and PASS so this business will LAST.

Adjust your social media to reflect that you are a business owner. Your FIRST AND LAST NAME on your profile and add your business page to your "About section, your mission as well as your Link tree as your site. (I will show you how to set that up FREE). DO NOT have "Angel Dee". People are not going to take Angel Dee serious. Do not start a PERSONAL FB page as your business page. FB will hide it. If you have multiple businesses, utilize https://linktr.ee . Saying "Click the link in my bio" will not confuse the world, just negative folks. Always ask questions.

1st LINK - 9 minute video

2nd LINK - Income Disclosure Statement that is reported to the IRS

3rd LINK - Your PlanNet Marketing Site for them to ENROLL 

4th LINK - Your Inteletravel Booking site for FREE registration and booking travel as if would on priceline.com, but YOU make the commission 

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