The Greenhouse Initiative Submission
Send us a 3 minute video and tell us about your team, your idea, and where you’re at with the project.  

1. Record your video on your webcam and upload it to YouTube (you can record from your webcam or your phone - feel free to walk around campus, show us your project, and introduce your teammates)
2. Set your video to private and make sure to give us the password in order to view it .  
3. Videos should not exceed 4 minutes
4. Answer the following questions:

* Introduce yourself/your team
* Who are you? Why do you do what you do?  What inspires you?
* What is your social impact project?
* Explain your initiative/enterprise
* How does it make your community a better place?
* Tell us about its impact (either now or in the future)
* What stage is your project in?  
* Is it an idea, in development, or fully executed?
* If selected, how would you help recognize Sambazon on your campus?

Application deadline is 12/09/18

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Are you a part of a student club? If so, which one? (If applicable)
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What is the name of your project? *
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What stage is your project in? *
Tell us a bit more about you and your team. Who are you? Why do you do what you do? What inspires you? *
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What is your social impact project? Be sure to be clear about the specific work you’re doing and what sets it apart. *
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How does it make your community a better place? Tell us about its IMPACT (either now or in the future). *
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How (specifically) would you utilize the grant and the mentorship in order to accelerate your work? What financial needs do you have? What type of help do you need? *
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If selected, how would you help recognize Sambazon on your campus and show appreciation to Sambazon for supporting your work? *
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How did you hear about The Greenhouse Initiative?
More Info For you!
Teams will be selected on creativity, impact, and viability. We are seeking innovative projects that make a difference and are likely to launch. Tell us how you’re accomplishing all three of those things.
Selection timeline & Engagement
Sambazon & The Ecology Center will select the 4 finalists by 12/14/18
Students will receive mentorship and support from The Ecology Center and Sambazon through a variety of one on one and group meetings through the winter and spring of 2019.

4 grand prize winners will be selected. At the end of the program in June 2019, we will offer/invite the 4 participating winning teams (2 students/team) for an invaluable year-end celebration experience which will include sharing your vision and projects. That timeframe is projected to be in early June of 2019. Year-end experience expenses (airfare, hotel, meals, etc) to be paid for by Sambazon.

You and your team, club, or partner(s) will retain all intellectual property you developed before, during, and after the program
The Ecology Center and Sambazon are serving, in good faith, as mentors and supporters but are not investors, nor are they liable for any advice given or recommendations made
By submitting the application, you are agreeing to allow The Ecology Center and Sambazon to use your likeness and video as marketing materials for the program. Please inform us in writing if there is any proprietary information which you do not want publicized.
50% of the stipend will be awarded halfway through the program and the remaining 50% will be awarded upon completion. This includes full participation in two phone call meetings per month as well as the team's monthly membership deliverables.

COMMENTS, QUESTIONS, CONCERNS? Contact Amanda Mahaffey at

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