NinaX Blogger Application
Please read NinaX Blogging Policy slowly and thoroughly:

▶You must be a Female/Male* adult avatar (*Male inventory is quite limited at this time, please apply next time unless you have a female alt.)

▶ Your style must be VERSATILE. If you ONLY blog for high fashion, or ONLY ADULT or ONLY blog kawaii, PLEASE DO NOT APPLY. You must be able to blog ANYTHING, whether high fashion/adult/kawaii, etc. If you've seen my products, you will see that I don't stick to one particular style. My poses are seasonal and inspired on events/themes.

▶ You must credit all NinaX products every time you use them, even after the first release, please credit them by adding the NinaX mainsture URL or NinaX MarketPlace link!
In-Store SLURL:
Marketplace URL:

▶ You must use AT LEAST 2 poses from the Fatpacks I give you.

▶ You must blog AT LEAST TWICE A MONTH, only exception: if there are no new releases. If you do not blog AT LEAST TWICE in a month, you will be suspended WITHOUT any notice.

▶ You must NOT mix my poses with any other poses from other stores.

▶ You must only blog the product you CHOOSE to blog. You ARE NOT required to blog all releases.

▶ You are responsible to blog which product you've picked. If you are unable to blog them and requests an extension, please request it via Blogotex. You are only allowed a ONE-TIME request to extend your post. If you do not request, you will be suspended automatically by Blogotex.

▶ You must blog the product you choose WITHIN 14 days, otherwise Blogotex will suspend you. Again, you do not have to blog every single new releases, only the ones you've picked.

▶ You must request your vacation/ break time via Blogotex AND IM Nina Lexa.

▶You MUST join the NinaX BLOGGER GROUP. Upon approval, you will be invited there. All communication is done via that group. IF YOU DO NOT JOIN, YOUR APPLICATION WILL AUTOMATICALLY BE REVOKED.

▶ You must "Like" the NinaX Facebook Page. Only applicable if you have a SL- Facebook account.

▶ IMPORTANT: I require all applicants to show proof that you like NinaX and its products. I don't waste time with bloggers who have never heard of my brand. There are sales items, freebies and hunt items in the store that you can use.

If you do not agree with the requirements and the requirements from this application, please do not apply :)

P.S. I am not usually this strict/ OCD, but with my previous experience with bloggers leaving without blogging my products, I have made the application process a bit more strict.

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Part 1: All about YOU:
I want to get to know about you and your blogging style.
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Part 2: All about NinaX
I will test how well you read the NinaX Blogging policies. You must score at least 100% from this portion:
How many poses do you need to post for each Fatpack you receive? *
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Which of the following is NOT a part of NinaX Blogging Policy? *
Tell me about extensions, what's true about them? Select all that apply: *
How many times should you at least blog in a month? *
What does NinaX sell? Select all that apply. *
Are you required to join the in-world NinaX Blogger group? *
What's true about requesting for breaks/vacation? Select all that apply: *
By agreeing to this question, you agree to follow all the terms listed under the NinaX Blogging Policy. Failure to follow the terms will result in suspension and/or termination without written notification, unless mediated with Nina Lexa. *
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