Expressions of interest in the 3rd Australian - Aotearoa/NZ intersex advocacy training forum, 2020
In March 2017 and April 2018, intersex advocates from around Australia and Aotearoa/NZ came together in Sydney, to identify common issues and concerns, and agree a consensus statement.

We want to continue this work of progressing the rights of intersex people. We also want to help further develop the capacity of intersex advocacy by intersex people, and make it easier for allies to recognise our concerns and work alongside us.

To this end, Intersex Human Rights Australia and Intersex Peer Support Australia (the AIS Support Group Australia) are organising a third retreat, to be held in the west of Melbourne on 7-9 January 2020, immediately before the Better Together conference (10-11 January 2020). Key focus areas are expected to be: advocacy and policy work, media and counselling training. It will be a working retreat, with the expectation for prior reading and active participation.

If you were born with an intersex variation / variation in sex characteristics and you live in Australia or Aotearoa/NZ, we invite you to express your interest in participating in the retreat by completing the EOI form below on or by 30 November 2019.

Completing this form does not guarantee participation at the event.

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