Perceptions of Institutional Abuse Survey
This study will examine your perceptions of institutional abuse and the impact of this abuse on adult survivors.

This survey forms part of a research project awarded by the European Commission as part of the Joint Justice & Daphne call for actions grants supporting national or transnational projects to enhance the rights of victims of crime/victims of violence (SACSA - Support to Adult Survivors of Child Abuse in institutional settings - JUST/2015/SPOB/AG/VICT).

SACSA is an EU funded project addressing the problem of child abuse in institutional settings, particularly in residential care, from the perspective of adult survivors. The project aims to understand the long terms effects of such events; how and if the survivors of these crimes may find protection and compensation in the existing legal framework; and how their experience may enlighten prevention strategy for the protection of children living today in residential care.

This questionnaire is being administered to social workers, psychologists, representatives of the criminal justice system and public institutions, and other stakeholders. The questionnaire is designed to assess the level of perception of the risk of institutional abuse, its short and long term impact, and to explore which common ideas on institution responsibility, particularly in terms of the compensation and level of protection provided to adult survivors. Your responses and participation are important to contribute to this knowledge base.

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