Kraft Elementary Car Pick Up Form

Child car pick-ups in the afternoon require a number card, which identifies you with the student being picked up.

These numbers should be displayed in the front window of the vehicle that you are driving when picking up your child.

Please do not give these numbers to anyone not authorized to pickup your child.

Cars will form a line at the main entrance parking lot as you pull up to the student designated pickup/drop-off area. Students will be dismissed at 2:05.

As you drive up, we will call your child’s number and a teacher will load your child into the vehicle with the matching car pickup number.

NOTE: In accordance with HCS policy, for the safety of all students, there will be no Early Dismissal after 1:45pm.

If you do not have your child’s pickup number, you must park and go into the main office with your identification and sign out your child. No students will be released to individuals walking up to the car pickup line.

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