Land Management Webinar-Assignment 1
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List two advantages of using remote sensing data over in situ ground plots. *
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Name two different kinds of satellite orbits. *
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What type of orbit does Landsat 8 have? *
What is the relationship between spatial resolution and spatial extent in satellite imagery? *
Which of the following is not a passive sensor? *
MODIS is flying on which satellites? *
Which satellite data require more processing from the end-user? *
How many spectral bands does Landsat 8 have? *
Healthy vegetation reflects energy in what parts of the electromagnetic spectrum? *
Why don't we see healthy vegetation as red or blue? *
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Name 3 different mapping products derived from NASA satellites (Landsat or MODIS) for land resource management? *
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What part of the electromagnetic spectrum can we see with our eyes? *
Landsat instruments detect radiation in the ultraviolet part of the electromagnetic spectrum *
What is the spatial resolution of the thermal band (band 10 or 11) for Landsat 8? *
Go to the GLOVIS website ( What other imagery besides Landsat can you obtain? *
Go to the Global Land Cover Facility website ( What products derived from Landsat can you obtain? *
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How many spectral bands does MODIS imagery have? *
Name two global land cover products (Level 3) dervied from MODIS. *
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Go to the SERVIR Interactive Mapper website ( In addition to Global coverage, what is one area of the world that SERVIR focuses on? *
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