Returning Student Registration Form 2019-2020 School Year
Please complete the following form to let us know which class you would like your child in this fall. If the class you select is not available you will be contacted, otherwise submission of this form will serve as registration and confirmation. A nonrefundable registration fee for returning students will be be due once your application is submitted. The fee will be added to your next monthly invoice from LCYC. This form is only for returning students. There is a different form to complete if you have a child starting LCYC for the first time. If you do not wish to register your child for continuing classes at LCYC please email the Director so you do not receive reminder emails. Thank you.

View the 2019-2020 TUITION AND FEE SCHEDULE here:

The Learning Center for Young Children

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I understand that in order to hold my child’s class place(s) in Fall class(es), I must complete and submit this registration and I must pay SEPTEMBER TUITION BY THE DUE DATE ON THE INVOICE. If my child is wait listed for a class, the Learning Center for Young Children (LCYC) will notify my family, and when a place becomes available in that class I may accept or reject that offer. If I wish to change the co-op option for my child or withdraw my registration, I must contact the Director of LCYC. Once classes begin, one change in co-op option may be made, but additional co-op changes will result in an administrative fee per change. WITHDRAWAL FROM LCYC CLASSES: If you give withdrawal notice for your child BETWEEN June 14, 2019 AND MARCH 31, 2020, the Learning Center for Young Children requires one month's notice or payment of one month's tuition in lieu of notice. The first month's tuition and fees are not refundable. The first month’s tuition functions as a deposit. If you give notice between April 1, 2020 and the end of the school year in June 2020 that you are withdrawing your child from LCYC classes, the Learning Center for Young Children requires full payment of tuition due for the remainder of the school year through June, 2020. TUITION & FEE DUE DATES: Materials & activity fee of $75 will be due with June 2019 invoice (which will be due May 20, 2019). September - June tuition will be due on the first day of the month with 10 day grace period. I acknowledge that I have read the LCYC TUITION AND FEE POLICIES listed here, including tuition and fee amounts and due dates, as well as the requirements for withdrawing students from the Learning Center for Young Children and I agree to abide by them. I further understand that our family must join the LCYC list-serve and participate in Fall 2019 and Spring 2020 Work Days or pay the Non-Participation Fee for each child at LCYC. Our family also must participate in the annual fundraiser by donating one food item per child at LCYC for the Bake Sale, by donating or securing the donation of one item for the Silent Auction per child, by donating either cash or items for the class Silent Auction basket, and by working the equivalent of one shift (2.5 hours) per child OR by paying the Non-Participation Fees for each child. Please type your first and last name in the space provided to signify your acceptance and understanding of these terms.
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