Staff Mod Application !!
This is the application to join TafreehMela's Staff. Please note after applying to this application it may take 1-2 weeks for an approval. You will receive a pm on TM if you get selected, it not you will not hear from us.
Ap in sawalo k jawab English ya Urdu may day sakte hain.
Personal Question
Tell us who you are ..
What is your username at *
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What is your real name? *
آپ کا اصلی نام کیا ہے ؟
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Which country/city you are from? *
اپ کس ملک / شیر سے ہیں
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How old are you? *
اپ کی عمر کیا ہے ؟
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What Islamic Believes do you Support most ? *
اپ کا تعلق کس اسلامی فرقے سے ہے ؟
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Please describe 3 positive attributes and 3 negative attributes about yourself. *
اپنی ٣ اچھی ور ٣ بری باتیں بتائیے ؟
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How much time are you willing to spend on forums as a staff member? *
فورم پر اپ کتنا وقت دے سکتے ہیں ؟
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Professional Question
What Section(s) are you applying For? *
اپ کس فورم کے لئے اپلاے کرنا چاہتے ہیں ؟
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Why do you feel you'd be the right choice?
اپ کو ایسا کیوں لگتا ہے کہ اپ اس پوسٹ کے لئے اچھے ثابت ہونگے ؟
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What would you bring to the role which currently doesn't exist?
اپ موڈ بن کر ایسا کیا کرینگے جو ابھی کے موڈ نہیں کرتے ؟
Your answer
How would you go about promoting activity in the area you're applying for?
اپ جس سیکشن کے لئے درخاست دے رہے ہیں وہاں اپ کیا نئی ایکٹیویٹی لائیںگے ؟
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Current positives and negatives attributes of TafreehMela?
فلحال تفریح میلا کی اچھی اور بری خاصیت بیان کریں
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Why should we choose you ahead of other applicants applying for the same position?
اپ ک خیال میں ہمے اپ کو باقی امید وارو سے پہلے کیوں لینا چائیے
Your answer
Have you ever received any kind of warning from the staff, or been banned in past? if yes WHY?
ملی ہے warning کیا اپ کو کبھی سٹاف سے کوئی
Your answer
Have you ever perform mod duty on any other forum ? if yes please share your experience.
kia ap nay pehle kabhi kissi dosray forum par mod duty perform ki hain ? agar haan to apna experience share kijiye.
Your answer
Is there anything else you'd like to add?
کیا اپ اپنی طرف سے کچھ کہنا چاہتے ہیں
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Personality Test:
There is a user who does not like Staff's Action, and he has created a thread in public. What Action would you take?
TM par ek user hai jis ko Staff ka behavior nahi pasand, or us user nay public may is issue say related thread laga di. Ap is baray may kia action leingay ?
Your answer
One of your staff member made a mistake in public? what would you do about it?
ap ki nazer may kisi dosray staff member nay public may koi ghalti kar di, ap ka kia action hoga us ghalti ki taraf ?
Your answer
Your best friend wants you to leak Staff Private information. What would you do ?
Ap ka best friend ap say Staff ki Private information mangta/mangti hai. kia ap us ko information deingay, ya nahi. please wajah beyaan karein.
Your answer
Give us an example, where you have worked as a team.
koi aysi misaal dein, jahan ap kissi team ka hissa banay hon.
Your answer
When two members argues on an Islamic matter, what would you do for a peaceful solution ?
jab do members Islam par bahes karte hain, to ap us bahes ko kayse rokeingay ?
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