What would you tell your employer, if you didn’t have to censor yourself?
We see things in there.
We hear things.
We experience treatment.
Far too often shitty, unjust, bad, unclear, unrespectful treatment.
We think about it a lot.
Sometimes we can’t sleep or eat, or function because of it.
Sometimes we talk about it with co-workers, family, or friends. But at work, we keep quiet. Because we know, we could be "punished" for honesty. We could be fired. But we can not afford to be fired. So we keep silent.

This risk of losing a job, or turning the environment of work into unbearable, because of possible mobbing – this risk makes us speechless. Make us afraid, and therefore quiet. Systemically produced fear of employees allows our employers to avoid confrontation with the consequences of their actions and negligence.

So, what would you tell your employer if you could speak freely?

Is it about salary? Paycheck? Working hours? Atmosphere? Racism? Papers? Threats? Hierarchy? Sexism? Conditions of work? Expectations? Respect? Skills? Promotion? Co-workers? Or?

Tell me. Without suppressing complaints, anger, frustration, demands, fear, sadness, or laugh. In detail, or in general. Uncensored. I will hear you. I want to heat it. Let me.

Anonymously, or not. As you prefer.
In whatever language you want.*
Whatever job you have, or had.
If you want me to bring your words to your ex-employer, or current one, I will do it.
If you agree, I will record your words and play it loud in “Changing Room” afterwards, so it could be heard in public. Your recorded speech will be also available on the website of the project. However, it is up to you. If you don’t agree to publish it, it will stay between us.

I am there, waiting for you to talk to me.

* We can speak German, English, and Polish. However, if you prefer to tell it in another language, you are welcome to do it! We will discuss together possible translations.
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