Jaquith Public Library Patron Poll
Please consider taking a few minutes to share your opinions about the Jaquith Public Library.
Our mission is to be "a center for the community, making information, ideas and cultural experiences free and available to all". We want to know where we are succeeding, where we can improve, and if there are other ways that we can serve this vital, supportive and wonderful community.

Thank you!

Please let us know the ages of the people in your household who use the Jaquith Library. Select all that apply.
When do you come to the library? Select all that apply.
Are there other times that would be more convenient to have the library open?
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The library is currently open 31 hours per week. Is this:
How do you like the layout of the library? Are there parts of the physical layout that you would change, or spaces you wish were available?
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Are you happy with the selection of books that is available? What parts of the collection do you wish could be expanded?
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Are you happy with the selection of DVDs, magazines, newspaper and audiobooks that is available? What parts of this collection do you wish could be expanded?
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How do you like to read your books?
Have you ever downloaded books from Listen Up! Vermont/Green Mountain Library Consortium?
What types of programs are you most likely to attend?
What is your general interest in a community project to revitalize the Old Schoolhouse Common gym to make it a more multi-purpose space (performance space, sound dampening for concerts, aesthetic improvements)?
Not at all supportive
Extremely supportive
How do you find out about library events? Select all that apply.
Please use this space to share any additional thoughts, comments or feedback.
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