Beebe School District Title I Parent-Student Compact
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Parent/Guardian Responsibilities
* Provide a quiet place for homework.
* Set aside a specific time to do homework.
* Look over homework assignments to check for understanding.
* Be available to assist with assignments when necessary.
* Sign and return all papers that require a parent’s or guardian’s signature.
* Encourage positive attitudes toward school.
* Require regular school attendance and punctual arrival to school.
* Attend parent-teacher conferences.
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I agree to the conditions of the above Parent/Guardian Agreement. Typing my name is a virtual signature.
Student Responsibilities
Ask the teacher questions about class work and homework when necessary.
* Take home materials and information needed to complete assignments.
* Complete assignments in a thorough, legible, and timely manner.
* Turn in assignments on time.
* Comply with school rules.
*Attend school regularly.
* Respect the personal rights and property of others.
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I agree to the conditions of the above Student Agreement. Typing my name is a virtual signature.
School Responsibilities
Provide quality teaching and leadership.
* Assign appropriate homework to reinforce skills learned.
* Give corrective feedback.
* Recognize that students are accountable for every assignment.
* Demonstrate respect for students and parents.
* Discuss student progress with parents at conferences (October 24, 2019 and February 13,
* Provide parents information to access staff.
* Provide opportunities for parents to volunteer, participate and observe at school.
* Facilitate open communication and collaboration with parents.
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