Active Entertainment Staff Application
Are you interested in joining the Active Entertainment (AE) Resident Staff Team? Do you have a passion for supporting independent artists and advancing the art & entertainment culture through events and creative projects? AE is always accepting new support in our ongoing events! Whether your interest is in Event Production, Event Marketing, Business Management, Technology Management, Promotions & Social Media or something else, we're happy to have you involved!

Please take a minute to review our Company Structure:

- No experience required for Volunteers. (Feel free to ask about internship programs.)
- Must be proficient with email communications. (Expected response time of 48 hours max per email.)
- Must have submitted an Agreement to the Active Entertainment Code of Conduct:

To become a resident AE Staff an applicant must go through a training process of 3 events to evaluate and assess capacity, skill sets and work flow. Applicants will go through a review procedure after each event that allows them to refine their role moving into the next event or project. Successful applicants can expand their role as task lists for events are completed, and can excel quickly by producing results under the direction of their Operations Manager.

Step 1) Submit an Aggremeent to the Active Entertainment Code of Conduct:
Step 2) Submit Volunteer Application Form & General Terms of Agreement
Step 3) Work with an AE Staff Person to confirm your Roles and Responsibilities
Step 4) Sign a completed Independent Contractors Agreement
Step 5) Begin Onboarding with the AE Staff Team by signing up for your first event!

AE works with each applicant to find a role and tasks that fit individual needs & capacities. Whether you're looking to pursue to a management level position or simply providing some spare support in your off time, we appreciate your contribution to the community. Meetings are determined by department on a case by case basis based on the needs of an event or project throughout the year, and are generally announced when event-specific Staff Applications are published. Digital attendance also varies on a case by case basis, but we're happy to work with applicants across the map.

Active Entertainment (AE) is accepting applications from enthusiastic self-starters with a strong sense of personal initiative and commitment to their role as an Event Staff. Candidates should have a genuine and objective passion for Fashion & Entertainment with an underlying focus on community development. Our resident Staff Team is happy to train new Volunteers with a 3-event verification period to become compensated staff to support long-term development of best practices. If accepted, Volunteers & Staff will be expected to maintain ongoing and frequent communications with the Staff Team, attend meetings and execute Action Items on a weekly timeline. Candidates should be action-oriented, attentive to detail, thrive in fast-paced environments, and be proficient with trouble-shooting. For more involved roles, Candidates will need to have a comprehensive understanding of Policies & Procedures (P&P) and a devoted attention to ensuring overlapping P&P's maintain continuity.

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