Maryhill Integration Network Volunteer Sign-up Form
 MIN’s office and community room have now reopened and staff are taking a blended approach to working. Some of our groups have returned to face-to-face delivery. Please view our service update page ( for more information.

We are following new guidelines in the building to keep our community safe, which involves using face coverings and maintaining social distancing. Please fill in the form below if you are interested in signing up and we can have a discussion about what our need is at the moment if you are suitable.


The information you provide on this form will be treated with confidentiality and will only be used to help us identify areas of volunteering you are most interested in and contact you about them.  The data is automatically linked and stored in a google drive account only accessible by the Volunteer Coordinator.  Information held here is reviewed and erased twice yearly.  This means your details could be stored for up to 6 months even if you don't take on a volunteer role.  If you would like to remove yourself from our volunteer sign up list sooner then please contact Maryhill Integration Network - 014 946 9106 /
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Postcode (We ask for postcode at the application stage as we are interested to know where people are applying from, for our records and to look at how we can accomodate people from across the city) *
Here are some areas of volunteering that we regularly have opportunities in. What are you most interested in?
To help us find a role that is best for you, please indicate what of the following skills you have, there is space at the bottom to add extra skills if you think relevant.
How often are you able to volunteer?
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Please tell us about your work experience, skills and interests
We're glad you chose us! Let us know why you would like to volunteer with MIN
Consent to be contacted
Please let us know how you would like to be contacted after we have processed your application. We will use whatever contact information you give us at the start of the form to make initial contact, however as these things sometimes go, we may not have any opportunities for you at the moment, however with your consent we can keep your records and contact you if an appropriate role comes up.  We hold your data for 6 months after you have applied for a volunteer role and after that the data will be deleted from our records.
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