Milk Production After Weaning - A Study
This questionnaire has been prepared for a study designed to determine the length of time mothers produce milk once their children have stopped breastfeeding. It is our hypothesis that it is normal for mothers to produce milk for months or years after their children last breastfed and if this is confirmed it would help mothers avoid unnecessary tests, unnecessary worry which some undergo when they find out they are still producing milk.

To participate:
1) Your child should have stopped breastfeeding at least 2 months before.
2) We will be asking you to express your milk on the first day of each month, just enough to determine if any milk is there.
3) We will send you an email remainder with a link to a questionnaire to fill in each month.

Follow up questionnaires will be short and take no more than a minute of you time. You may view it here:

You may choose to stop participating in the study anytime you wish.

The information you provide will be used solely for the purposes of this study, will be treated as confidential and no possible identifying information will be shared with anyone apart from the investigators and not included in any published information.

Investigators: Dr. Jack Newman, FRCPC; Andrea Polokova

Thank you.
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Please use the same name or nickname in the follow up questionnaire as well
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This will help us contact you in case we need additional information to complete our study. Each month we will ask you to say whether you still have breastmilk on attempting to express it
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Mother's year of birth *
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Your children's years of births *
Enter the year of birth for all your breastfed children
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How long did you breastfeed each child? *
Enter the number of months for each child
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How many months ago did you last breastfeed your latest baby or how many months ago did you last pump? *
Please make sure you enter the number in months
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Were you able to express milk today? *
Try expressing milk from both of your breasts and enter "Yes" if you were able to express milk from at least one
Are you likely to be pregnant at this time? *
If you are pregnant, you no longer need to fill in the follow up questionnaires
Was continuing milk production something you worried about? *
What colour is the milk you can express now? *
If you contacted your doctor about the fact that could still express milk, what did he/she say? *
When you found out you still had milk, did you have any of the following tests done? *
Having stopped breastfeeding, did you have any symptoms which could be related to continuing milk production? *
What medication have you been on in the last year? *
Any medication including herbal treatments, over the counter drugs, hormones etc. Please include dosage.
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