K-8 All Saints Day Field Trip Consent Form
Dear Parent/Guardian,

Your student is eligible to participate in a school-sponsored activity at a location away from the school building. This activity will take place under the guidance and supervision of All Saints Academy staff members. All students in grades K-8 will be celebrating together on All Saints Day, November 1, 2017, with Mass at St. Isidore, and a saints wax museum presented by the 8th graders. Students will be travelling to and from St. Isidore Church, 628 Diamond Ave NE, by Grand Rapids Catholic Secondary School bus. Their travel schedule is as follows:

- Grades K-3 leave the elementary at 8:55 am and return at approximately 11:40 am.
- Grades 4-7 leave the middle school at 10:00 am and return at approximately 12:25 pm
- 8th graders leave the middle school at 8:30 am and return at approximately 12:25 pm

Please complete one form per child.

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By entering my name in the provided space, I hereby consent to have my child participate in the event described to me and agree to the following terms outlined below. I understand that this event will take place away from the school grounds and that my child will be under the supervision of the designated school employee on the stated dates. I further consent to the conditions on participation in this event, including the method of transportation. In consideration of my child being allowed to participate in this event, I agree to waive and release, and indemnify and hold harmless All Saints Academy, any and all affiliated organizations, its/their employees, agents, representatives, volunteers and drivers, from any and all claims I or my child may have, excluding claims for intentional misconduct or gross negligence, arising from or relating to my child’s participation in this event. I authorize All Saints Academy to obtain necessary medical treatment for my child in case of illness, injury or accident.
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