Entrepreneurial Faculty Fellowship
In order to enable the School of Business to create an entrepreneurial program that is multi-disciplined to attract and retain Gen X and Gen Y students that will be immersed in a gig-economy, the School of Business is offering 5 faculty fellowships for $500. To be eligible, you must be a full-time tenure track non-business faculty that desires to learn methods to teach
entrepreneurship experientially. These methods will be taught in a one-time 3 hour workshop in early summer 2019 by Dr. Carol Lucy in Cremer Hall. You will then use your expertise in your content area to incorporate the experiential entrepreneurial education into one of your courses in Fall 2019. Upon completing the classroom exercise, you will be
asked to prepare a 10 – 15 minute presentation that will showcase your faculty/student experience at a luncheon with President Garrett, Provost Cordle and the departmental Deans in late October/Early November. Thank you for applying!
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