TJMC 2020-2021 Placement Test Registration
(Any registered students after this point may or may not be eligible for the TJMC Placement Test.)

We will be opening test only registration to students that took the placement test before we open it to the general public.

We will be using google groups to communicate throughout the year, so please use an email that is

To Parents: Before filling out this form for your child, please check to make sure whether or not you or your spouse has done so already. If you have filled out this form before, then you should have received a confirmation email after doing so. Please check your spam folder.

Practice Test Date: Tuesday August 18th, 2020
Placement Test 1 Date: Tuesday, August 25th, 2020
Placement Test 2 Date: Tuesday, September 1st, 2020

All tests will be administered using Canvas ( The questions will be presented in two formats: as questions on the Canvas quiz (which is similar to a google form) and as a PDF for students to download or print as they see fit. However, only answers submitted to the Canvas quiz will be graded.

We will be sending out invites to join the Canvas course for the placement test later this month. If your student did not provide a personal email address, we will be adding the parent’s account since there are certain restrictions on students’ school email addresses (

The first Placement Test is mandatory for all students, and focuses on the fundamentals before more advanced problem solving and puts a heavy emphasis on basic algebra skills. Students who perform well on the first exam will be invited and required to take the second exam, which focuses more on problem solving and competition math. Please clear your schedules on both days as it is impossible to determine right now whether or not your student will take the second Placement Test. For more information on the two Placement Tests visit this informational page here:

Time: 7:00pm
Location: Canvas

If you have any questions or difficulties, please visit or email

For the initial email address (first question), please enter your email as the person filling out this form.

Here is a link to past placement tests:
Other good study tools include:
- AoPS textbooks (Prealgebra, Introduction to Algebra, Introduction to Counting and Probability, Introduction to Geometry)
- AMC 8 problems (
- MOEMS problems
- AMC 10 problems (
- AMC 12 problems (
- AIME problems (
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