[Project Name] Design Critique, round [#]
The purpose of this critique is to help the designer make their best work. This isn’t about fixing it for them or mandating a solution.

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[Provide context for the viewer:
  • What user problems are you trying to solve?
  • Business goals?
  • Constraints?
  • Ethical or social implications?
  • Design values?
  • Stage of work?

Add relevant links:
  • Figma - https://www.figma.com/
  • Research
  • Design brief]

Video Presentation
[Add a YouTube video (it can be unlisted) of your presentation.]
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[YouTube Link]
------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Your Feedback
[Customize or add designer questions]
What's working?
Talk about the things that work well. It’s important to include the reasons why by connecting them to a user problem, business goal or design value. Steer clear of personal opinions.
Questions for the designer?
Please make your questions neutral. A neutral question doesn't have an opinion embedded in it. For example, instead of, “Why did you do it like that?” try “What other solutions did you explore?” Or maybe, "Can you say more about how you arrived at the current solution?"
------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Other Thoughts
Things to consider?
Is there other work to keep in mind? Technical considerations? Someone else to consult?
Do you have something else to say that doesn't fit the other questions?
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