Learn and Make the Fair Fit Dress - Introductory Survey
Hello and thank you for taking time to answer this brief survey about the Fair Fit Pattern. And thank you for your interest in wanting to make my design! This survey will help me determine your level of skill so I can place you in the best group possible for your learning and enjoyment of the process. I want this project and process to be a good "fit" for you, and by taking the time to answer these questions, I will know and understand how to help you learn the Fair Fit Pattern.

You will also be on the list to be notified first when the class is offered again. I offer this workshop and pattern to only 6 people at a time, to ensure you get the individualized instruction and attention needed for all of the concepts this pattern will cover. Thank you for your time, and please email me if you have any questions.


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What part of the sewing process do you like best?
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Why do you think making the Fair Fit Pattern will be beneficial to you as a sewer?
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How would you rate your sewing skill level?
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How would you rate your fitting skill level?
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Please describe your single biggest challenge when it comes to sewing garments:
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Please describe your experience and challenges with fitting sewing patterns up until this point:
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How would you rate your draping skill level?
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Do you have a dress form to use for draping and fit?
How do you think learning draping will help you advance as a sewist and improve your skill?
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What do you like about this pattern?
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