Absence Declaration and Return to Course Form 2018/2019

Please complete this form in as much details as possible. It is important for a variety of reasons that we know how many absences a trainee has, the reason for any absences from the course and the impact this may have on the trainee’s progress.
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Do you require a phased return to work? *
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Do you consider your absence a result of a work accident? *
Was the absence related to a pre-existing condition or disability? *
Do you believe that you require a new health form which may prompt a potential health assessment following the absence? *
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Do you wish to attend a return to work meeting with the MSC? *
This information may need to be shared with the appropriate persons (ITTc, mentor, Tutor etc. Do you consent to this? *
Statement: I confirm that the information above has been completed to the best of my knowledge. Submitting false information knowingly may render myself liable to disciplinary procedures. Please sign electronically, you may be asked to sign physically at the next Tuesday training session. Name (Signature): *
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