Mid-Atlantic District Conference Call For Proposals
Temple’s PRSSA chapter is pleased to announce the Call for Proposals is open for the Mid-Atlantic District Conference, Saturday, March 14, 2020 in Center City, Philadelphia.

The committee is looking for presentations from professionals in the Mid-Atlantic Region. Presentations are one hour and 15 minutes sessions, including Q & A. The audience is public relations students.

As the public relations field continues to converge with the technological advancements of today, professionals must learn to adapt their skills in order to thrive in this digital age. This conference, "PRogress Through Tech" will explore the current industry, while expanding on emerging technology and how practitioners can integrate traditional PR skills to these changes.

The committee is seeking proposals which incorporate the conference theme into one of the following nine sessions:
1. Digital Analytics
- Digital analytics and the various platforms used to measure and interpret data for better decision making.
2. SEO
- Search engine optimization and tactics to increase placement ranking on search engine platforms.
3. Technological Convergence
- With new communication channels and technologies, the communications field has shifted and redefined
their practices.
4. Revolution of Ethics in Media
- Ethical practices revolving around all forms of media.
5. Artificial Intelligence in PR
- The implications of artificial intelligence in the PR industry.
6. Data-Driven Storytelling
- Using new technology and data collection methods to influence better decision making to tell a better story
for clients.
7. User Experience
- The understanding of user wants and needs to deliver a satisfying experience on web apps, mobile apps or
desktop apps.
8. Content Amplification: Redefining the Dynamics of Organic Content Creation
- Amplifying created content and campaigns through various strategies and tactics, such as influencers or
paid promotions, to reach a wider targeted audience.
9. Speed of Crisis in the Digital Age
- In a world of live streaming and social media, crisis communication has to be fast-acting and reach a larger

The intent is to provide participants with the skills and expertise needed to excel as future PR professionals. Conference fees are waived for presenters and lunch will be provided. We encourage you to submit no more than two proposals, either as a main presenter or co-presenter. The final deadline for proposal is Thursday, December 19. All proposals will be reviewed by the planning committee and selected presenters will be notified early January.
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