C.R.A.B.B. Recreational Survey
A team of high school students from MATES are aiming to gather information regarding crabbing trends with the goal of preserving crabbing for generations to come. They are part of the Crabbing Responsibly at Barnegat Bay initiative. This survey will begin with some background information and should take approximately 5-10 minutes. All responses can be kept anonymous.
Thank you for your time.
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How many years have you been crabbing?
In which region(s) do you frequently go crabbing? (Choose all that apply)
In which season(s) do you typically go crabbing? (Choose all that apply)
How long do you typically travel to go crabbing?
Where do you typically crab from?
How frequently do you crab?
How much time do you generally spend crabbing on a typical day out?
Who do you typically go crabbing with? (Choose all that apply)
What bait do you typically use when crabbing? (Choose all that apply)
What method do you use to crab? (Choose all that apply)
What is the sex of this blue crab?
Captionless Image
How many crabs do you usually catch per outing?
What percentage of crabs are you usually able to keep? (due to size and gender)
Does this amount change seasonally or monthly? If so, when or how?
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What type of measuring device do you use? How do you measure?
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Is there a measuring device available for public use where you crab?
Is there a regulation regarding the minimum size of the crabs that are allowed to be kept where you crab? If so, what is it?
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When crabbing, do you often find that others follow crabbing regulations?
How much money do you generally spend per year on crabbing supplies and any related materials (including gas)?
Do you think crabbing has changed over time? If so, how? Specifically, in terms of the quality of crabbing or people's general interest in crabbing?
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