JCM Membership Application
To: JCM Board of Trustees/Secretary:

I/ we, the undersigned am/are interested to become JCM member as checked in for the type of membership.

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1. The Board will review your membership application and  notify you decision within 30 days of the application submission. In case of an application rejection, dues, if paid, will be returned.

2. In Family Membership, only husband, wife, and children (under age of 18 years or college registered bona fide students up to age 23) are covered.

3. By submitting this form, you (including all covered under family membership) subscribe to the objectives of the JCM and shall abide by the JCM bylaws.

4. It is each member’s responsibility to provide his/her current postal address, telephone contact number, email address, and any changes thereto, to JCM Secretary for receiving all JCM communication, including notices, ballots, donation receipts, etc.
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