Student Class Placement Information for 2018/19
Dear Elementary Parents,

Over the next 6 weeks, teams of teachers will be working on class placements for students for the 2018-2019 school year.

Here at UNIS Hanoi, we mix the children’s groupings every year as they pass from one grade level to the next. In such a transient population, this enables us to continuously ensure each class is a well-balanced group with a mix of gender, cultural and linguistic backgrounds, learning styles and differences. The mixing of class groups also helps establish a grade level identity and community as well as individual homeroom communities. Children are able to develop and maintain a broader range of friendships across the whole age group. It also helps new children integrate more quickly as the class they enter is newly formed rather than being a group that has been together for several years.

Because we value parent input about your child, you are invited to provide information to the school that might help us with the class placement process.

Final decisions about class placement of students are the responsibility of UNIS Hanoi. Changes are not permitted.

Please note that UNIS Hanoi employs only highly qualified and experienced teachers, therefore requests for students to be placed with specific teachers will not considered.

With kind thanks,
Megan Brazil
Elementary School Principal

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