Breakout 2020 RPG Volunteer Application
Thank you for your interest in volunteering as a Roleplaying Game Host for Breakout 2020

We at Breakout are proud to host one of the largest and most diverse collections of role-playing events at any convention in Canada. Every year we get the privilege to be a part of people connecting over a shared favourite system or an epic adventure. Every year we get the chance to provide talented Game Masters with the chance to host a game at a public event and thankfully, is not going to change in 2020.

Please note: this is the application for General tabletop pen/paper/LARP RPG volunteers. To apply to GM for organized play events (Adventurers League, etc), follow the link below:

Applications for other, more general volunteering positions (Registration table, Indie Book Store etc.), should be made using the following form:

Badges will be compensated based on the amount of games you GM. Games can vary in length, from two to four hours. Running four games will earn you a weekend pass. If you're running less than four games, you will be given a pass for each day you GM 4 or more hours. If there are issues scheduling your events, Ty ( will contact you.

Submitted events will be reviewed and selected based on the needs of the convention. If demand for volunteering outstrips the space available, you may be placed on a volunteer waitlist.

If you have any other issues or questions regarding your application, please email Ty at

Form Question Sections:
• Volunteer Responsibilities
• General Availability Information
• GM Time Slots
• Safety Tools
• Game Information
• Other Accommodations

Thank you again for offering Breakout your support!
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