Volunteer Coordinator
Overview of Position:
Work towards making community service activities more accessible to university students.
Provide students with the tools and opportunities to begin volunteering themselves.

Volunteer Coordinator Responsibilities:
- Attend 30 minute creative meetings each week, occasional team social gatherings, and all events.
- Contact various volunteer sites, introduce the Generocksity organization to these sites, and engage interest levels in group volunteer events.
- Inform the volunteer organization of the desired volunteer dates and confirm these dates with the organization as soon as possible.
- Coordinate all logistics surrounding the volunteer event such as rides, sign up sheets, schedule etc.
- Manage the Good Deeds Facebook Group and notify the community of the volunteer sign ups and events

General Qualifications:
- Must be enthusiastic about Generocksity's mission.
- Must be approachable, social, and excited to participate in all of Generocksity's events.
- Must be proactive in accomplishing assigned tasks.
- Must have good listening and time management skills.
- Total time expectation ranges from 1-5 hours each week.

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