2018 Rio Grande GCSA Membership Renewal
Please use this form to renew your 2018 Rio Grande GCSA Membership.
We know you are very busy but it is important that you fill out this form completely so that we have accurate contact information for the online directory, accounting system, and emails. Thank you in advance for your cooperation.
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Membership Classifications / Dues
Classification - Class A - $135
Golf Course Superintendent: reserved for applicants who are at present time a golf course superintendent and have at least three years’ experience as such..

Class B Superintendent - $135
Golf Course Superintendent: This category is for present time golf course superintendents who at this time have not completed their third year as a superintendent..

Class C - $80
Assistant Superintendent: This category is for present time assistant golf course superintendents..

Class D - $70
Golf Course Coworker: This category is for present time coworkers under the direct supervision of the golf course superintendent..

Class E - n/c
Educators: This category is for professional educators and extension personnel..

Class Af - $110
Affiliate: This category is for individuals who by affiliation with a company, proprietorship, or association are interested in golf course superintendents..

Class AS - $90
Associate: This category is for individuals interested in golf course maintenance and/or growing or production of fine turfgrass and do not qualify for membership in any other class..

Class H - n/c
Honorary: This category is for individuals previously recognized by the Board of Directors for contributing in an outstanding manner to this Association or profession or related field..

Class R - n/c
Retired: This category is for any member who upon reaching age fifty five (55) is retired and no longer seeking employment within the scope of activities of any membership class..

Class I - $70
Inactive: This category is for an individual who by reason of unemployment, illness or other adverse circumstance does not qualify for membership in another class..

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Payment Options
After I receive your renewal I will email you an invoice within 3 to 5 business days. You have the option of paying it online with a credit card or send it along with a check to: 5552 Plata Lane, Benbrook, TX. 76126
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