2019 Holiday BulaFIT Challenge Check In
Complete this weekly "Check In" form to inform Owen and Kristy on your successes and failures this week. Doing so will help them know how best to support you in your fat loss and fitness journey. It also allows us to calculate and award your Challenge Points! (Challenge points provide recognition and progress towards Challenge prize tiers)

Please note that some questions refer to the total amount of weight lost during the 2019 Holiday BulaFIT Challenge period (Sep 30, 2019 to Dec 1, 2019). Other questions will ask about total weight you have lost using the BulaFIT system (which may be longer than the current Challenge). Challenge Points for weight loss are awarded for current Challenge period after the challenge is over.

Check Ins must be completed by Wednesday of the following week for full points. Check Ins submitted after this time are awarded 60% of points for that week.

Example: Check In for week of Sep 30 - Oct 6 are due Wed, Oct 9 for full points, or 60% of points there after,

NOTE: This form is used to track both Fat Loss and Fitness Participants.
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Reporting Week *
BE SURE TO SELECT THE CORRECT WEEK! If you fail to select the correct week, you will need to re-submit and may receive late points for the week!
Number of days I took Pink Fijian Ginger and Fijian Turmeric *
Total number of days you
Number of days I used 2 or more other GT Wellness products *
Please enter the number of days you used at least 2 or more Fortify products during the week. Refer to the BulaFIT Weekly Tracker to see what products qualify for this question.
Total number of days I used KetoFUEL or BURN capsules or Keto Kofi *
You will receive 1 point for each product used, up to 2 total points per day. Mark total number of products used up to 2 per day. Examples: 2 products used per day = 14. 1 product used 3 days and 2 products used 4 days = 11. 3 products used 7 days = 14 (max 2 per day).
Total number of days I ate keto all day *
This includes keto-friendly meals and snacks.
Total days I fully Hydrated *
Write the number of days you hydrated with at least 60 oz of water (3 Bula bobbles) or more.
Number of days you used at least one Wakaya hydration product. *
Applicable hydration products include: KetoFIZZ, Sport & Go, Daily Detox, Pink Fijian Ginger and Fijian Turmeric Tea
Total days I exercised this week *
Indicate the number of days (up to 6) that you achieved 15 min of exercise (Fat Loss) or 45 min of exercise (Fitness)
15 min of exercise (Fat Loss Challenge)
45 min of exercise (Fitness Challenge)
Total days you completed a BulaFIT Workout *
Please enter the number of BulaFIT Workouts you did this week. This includes BulaFIT Warrior Workouts, BulaFIT bobble™ Workouts, or workouts posted by Owen or Kristy on the BulaFIT Community Facebook Page.
Did you post on the BulaFIT Facebook group once or more this week? *
The BulaFIT Community is a Facebook Group. You can join the group by searching for "Wakaya BulaFIT" in Facebook.
Did you post about BulaFIT on your personal social media page/account once or more this week *
Did you watch/attend the Friday BulaFIT Live episode this week? *
Total days you had 7+ hours of sleep. *
Maximum number that counts towards the Challenge is 6 per week.
Total days I contacted an accountability partner or team member *
An accountability partner is someone you have agreed to contact each day throughout the Challenge to report your progress that day. If you are a member of a BulaFIT Challenge Team, reporting your daily progress to your team or a team member would count.
Did you attend this week's Team call? *
My Stats
My current weight *
Enter your current weight in lbs. Remember, weight loss will ebb and flow throughout the challenge. Some weeks it may even go up a little as you build muscle. Don't let the number discourage you. Over the weeks, your body will become more lean, healthy, and shed unwanted fat!
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Total weight you have lost in the 2019 Holiday BulaFIT Challenge *
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Total weight you have lost using the BulaFIT system *
This includes any weight lost in previous Challenges or anytime using BulaFIT Products.
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Please give us a short update about your experience this week. *
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Your story/testimonial
Please share your story and how the BulaFIT Program has helped you. Please note that all weight loss testimonials must include a change of diet and physical movement (exercise). Testimonials shared may appear on Wakaya BulaFIT marketing ads and materials.
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