Startup Haven Investor Match
Please read this introduction in its entirety before completing this application.

The Startup Haven Investor Match program is intended to help connect Startup Haven member startups with Startup Haven investor members. Following Startup Haven's prime directive to create more signal and less noise in everything we do, the matching process is "reverse", i.e., investors look for companies instead of companies looking for investors. This approach ensures the minimum amount of noise possible for both founders and investors and ensures no one wastes any precious time,

Your Investor Match profile will help investors assess whether your company might be a fit for their investment thesis, e.g., stage, business model, market, location, traction, etc. Once an investor identifies your company as interesting, the investor will reach out to you via email or text.

What if you never hear from any investors through the Investor Match program? In short, "your welcome." Fund raising is one of the hardest and most time consuming activities for a founder, usually second only to building a first-class team. You can be assured that if an investor finds your company to be a match for their investment interests and approach, then they are highly likely to reach out to you. If no investors reach out to you then you can be assured that the Investor Match has protected your time and metal energy by ensuring that you don't waste either on investors who are not truly interested in your company.

In order for the Investor Match program to work for you, you absolutely must be 100% honest in all of your response in this form. Few things will kill your chances with an investor faster than the appearance that you are not being honest. If you knowingly misrepresent any aspect of your startup (your team, your product, your customers, your revenue, you market, etc.) then your profile will be removed from the Investor Match program.

You should also understand that the Startup Haven Investor Match program and the information you provide here is intended only to give investors a high-level but meaningful view of your startup so that they can determine whether they might be a good investor for you. The Investor Match program does not replace the need to for you to build a relationship with an investor; nor will it necessarily short cut the diligence process.

Above all, this program should NOT be your only method for making connections with investors. The aim of the program is simply to help reduce some of the noise and increase some of the signal in the fund raising process for our members -- both founders and investors.
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