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MLS Technology, Inc. is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Greater Tulsa Association of REALTORS® and the Bylaws, Rules and Regulations, elected officers and directors of MLS Technology are subject to approval by the GTAR Board of Directors. *
MLS Technology fees (MLS user, key fees, and other miscellaneous fees) are billed quarterly. *
MLS Technology fees are billed on the first day of each quarter and are due when? *
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Is the following statement true or false? "The Multiple Listing Service is an offer of cooperation and compensation between principal brokers." *
Listings must be entered into the MLS system within how many business days? *
How long can you take a listing for? *
How long can a listing remain active in the MLS? *
How many business days do you have to make a status change on a listing in the MLS? *
What type of listings qualify to be a contingent listing? *
Are the following statements true or false? "A withdrawn listing is a listing that has been withdrawn from the MLS, but the listing agreement is still active. A released listing means the listing agreement has been terminated between the listing broker and seller." *
When reporting square footage on a listing, what is not an approved source of reporting square footage? *
The primary photo on your listing must be: *
Where can you put your promotional material on the MLS listing? *
When offering a bonus, how is it worded in the broker remarks? *
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