Local 88 November Week of Action
Tell us about the action you're planning at your work site.
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General Types of Actions
We're suggesting three different types of actions. You'll be asked below what kind of action you're planning at your site.

Unity Action – A symbolic action where people demonstrate unity/support by displaying the same symbol (Example: everyone wears stickers and/or green).

Unity Break – A group demonstration where members gather at the same time in the same location as a physical expression of unity and support. Unity Breaks may also include an update from a bargaining team member or another action component such as chanting or delivering a petition to a supervisor or decision maker. (Example: everyone meets at 10:00am in the lobby to hear an update on bargaining)

Rally/Informational Picket – A more assertive and public facing group demonstration where members carry picket signs and lead chants outlining the reasons for our concern. Informational pickets should be planned outside of work areas and typically take place before work, after work, or on lunch. (Example: everyone meets at 12:00 noon to march on the sidewalk around the building for 30 minutes)

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Do you need staff follow up to coordinate materials or to request a visit by a bargaining team member?
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