2021 Hill and Valley Riders Scholarship Application
*Be a current 2021 High School Senior who attends Honeoye CSD, Naples CSD, Wayland CSD, or Livonia CSD.
*Must be an immediate family member (member, child, or grandchild) of a 2020-21 Hill and Valley Riders Inc. Snowmobile Club member.
*Volunteered and were active in our club for a minimum of 2 hours total
*Plan to attend a trade school, College or University
*Complete and submit this application and answer ONE of the questions at the end in 1000 words or less
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Are you a 2021 High School Senior? *
What High School do you attend? *
Name of Hill and Valley Riders Member you are associated with? *
Relationship to above Hill and Valley Riders Member? *
List volunteer work you have done for our snowmobile club or other ways you have been involved with us. *
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