Getting Healthy Plan
Are you ready to be healthy again. Remember, when you were born and a few years after that, you were a healthy child. Then something happened. And you lost your good health. This plan will help you get back in shape, gain or shed the extra weight, motivate and give ideas to become mentally and physically fit
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Are you healthy?
Such A Dumb Question
I mean why would you even look at this checklist, if you were healthy. You already would have all the plans, the exercises, the diets. I believe in being healthy, the mental way. Because, for becoming physically fit, you can hire a trainer and for diets, you can hire a nutritionist.

For me, the unhealthiness first starts in mind and if we are able to attack the root cause, we will be able to cure the unhealthiness. So lets start.

Is it difficult for you to forgive people? *
Have you kept a lot of things in your mind? Do you keep on reminiscing on old things? *
Are you jealous of someone's success? *
Are you always low on ENERGY and want to eat something? *
Do you hate people talking about you, your body or your appearance? *
How happy are you with your health? *
not at all happy
very happy
If you answered most of the above questions as "Yes", then you are unhealthy. No matter what you try on physical or dietary side, you will still keep returning to being unhealthy. It is because of your core mindset. Let us see, what you can do to improve your health
Practice 5 out of the 10 things below
Thank You!
You are on your way to extreme success. You just need an year for yourself. Start changing your mindset, one thought at a time. Let negativity not enter you, from anywhere. Change your perspective towards life.
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